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Placed DateAug 27 2007
LocationRio Rancho, NM
Found By Wronghat
Last Found Apr 22 2016
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On February 23, 1540, Don Francisco Vasquez de Coronado set off with his army heading north from Mexico to explore what is now New Mexico. It is reported that he had 225 young nobles on horseback, 1000 Indians, and 1500 head of horses, mules and cattle. His goal was to find the Golden Cities of Cibola. During the winter of 1540-1541, Coronado made his headquarters in the area above the Rio Rancho Bosque along Hwy 528. His men probably walked through the Rio Rancho Bosque to hunt and gather water from the Rio Grande.

Directions: Take Exit 242 from Interstate 25 and head west to Hwy 528. Travel South on Hwy 528 approximately 1.25 miles till you reach the intersection of Hwy 528 and Willow Creek Drive. Head East on Willow Creek Drive. After passing the third residential street on the left, look for a dirt road on the left that goes down to the bosque. This road will take you down to the parking lot with access to the Rio Rancho bosque. Follow the walking trail from the Northeast corner of the parking lot into the bosque. Take a left when you come to a trail running North/South. When you approach where the path splits, take a right towards the mountains. About two-thirds of the way down this path, you will find a bench on the right. From the eastern edge of the bench take 14 paces. Set your compass to N 50 degrees East. Take 15 to 16 paces in that direction into the grass and trees. You should find yourself at the base of a large cottonwood tree. You will find the letterbox at the base of a tree. This is our first letterbox with our first homemade stamp. Have fun walking through the bosque!