Stars on the Water - Microbox  LbNA # 34666 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 20 2007
LocationAtchafalaya Welcome Center, Breaux Bridge, LA
Planted By4anglers    
Found By Blackberry Patch
Last Found Jun 7 2009
Hike Distance?

Placed by Tejas Angel

Dedicated to: My Mom, for all those nights line dancing to this song together.

Ok, sometimes it seems I have a soundtrack playing in my mind no matter where I am at. So while driving home to Texas though Louisiana, I can hear this song. Of course it is
Rodney Crowell's “Stars on the Water."

“Down in Louisiana , bayous by and by
Pirogue pole or your natural soul
Keeps you tied to a tree high tide
Beer joint lights come on
And then the crowd starts rollin' in

Pretty soon you got stars on the water
You got stars on the water
It's like stars on the water, let it rain….

Directions: This Microbox is located at the Atchafalaya Welcome Center. The Atchafalaya Welcome Center is located on I-10 between Baton Rouge and Lafayette. I believe the exit is 121. Just look for the sign for the Center on I-10. This is a really cool place to stop, plus there is restrooms, which are hard to find in the Atchafalaya Basin. The Center is beautiful, loaded with info, maps and even a small museum with a theater. Also a great place to picnic, too, with lots of gazebos.

Clues: From inside the Center, walk out the back doors to the small tall grass pond. Find the second alligator (sorry, not real). It will be the alligator closest to a gazebo. The microbox is under the beginning of the gator’s tale. Make sure you replace the box well so no weed eaters eat it.

Happy Hunting!