Medawisla Wilderness  LbNA # 34671

Placed DateAug 30 2007
LocationKokadjo, ME
Planted ByLJD    
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Medawisla is a cabin camp owned by the Appalachian Mountain Club. It is located in gorgeous, pristine lakeshore wilderness -- prime moose country. We spent three days here swimming and fishing (lots of perch, trout and chub); messing about in canoes, kayaks, paddleboats and power boats; hiking through dark woods during a tremendous thunderstorm; and (sadly) not spotting any moose. The log cabins are delightfully basic: no mod cons, electricity for only two hours every evening, kerosene lamps, wood stove heating. Meals can be included, or not.

See Medawisla at:

To pursue the letterbox on foot (about 45 mins each way):

Start at the bridge, crossing the river near the swimming hole (near Cabin 1). In the woods, take Hinkley Trail (signposted) that goes off to the right. You'll shortly meet a wider track: go right, then left into the woods again, to stay on Hinkley Trail. The trail winds through lovely mixed forest for about half an hour, emerging on to a natural gravel path along the shore, with views of the lake and island. Follow this path until your way is barred by a large pine tree. This is the end of the trail.

The letterbox is hidden under a flat slab to the left of the tree. You'll have to get behind the tree (going around it to the right was easier for us).

To track down the letterbox by boat:

In a canoe or kayak, head from the dock area into the main part of the lake. The island is ahead and to your right; ahead of you is the far shore, actually a narrow peninsula that divides Hinkley Cove from the rest of the lake. As you approach this shore you'll see a gravel trail along part of it. Beach your boat and take the trail, heading to the right. In a few minutes you'll come to the pine tree at the end. Make your way around the tree and lift the flat rock.

Please wrap the letterbox well, and stuff pine needles etc into the cracks around the rock, to keep it dry. Thanks!