Underwater Galibea Adventure  LbNA # 34731

Placed DateNov 19 2007
CountyAlberta, CAN
LocationCalgary, ALB
Planted ByRoloflamingo    
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Underwater Galibea Adventure

This letterbox is quite hard to get, since it is in a member lake. In other words, you need to live on Lake Boiventure, NOT Bonivista. Once you are on the lake in a boat, I suggest you head over to the island. On one of the docks, dive down. You will see a rope tied to the bottom step. Follow the rope, and you'll find a plastic bottle. Bring it up, stamp it, and add your comment.

Make sure to put it back exacly where you found it. If you can't, then put it under the hudge rock on the top of the island.

By the way, I named the island Galibea.