The Hot Dog Man  LbNA # 34752

Placed DateAug 19 2007
LocationFrenchtown, NJ
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Clan Jiggs stumbled upon this little treasure in a recent Family Fun article.

When we lived in California, the Jigglets were both in Daisies/Brownies/Junior Girl Scouts. As such, they learned this little ditty, which they took great delight in singing at the top of their lungs (usually in public)!

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Throw your leader overboard
And listen to her scream

Five days later
Floatin' down the Delaware
Eatin' her own underwear
Wish she had another pair

Five days later
Eaten by a polar bear
And that's how the polar bear died
Ding Dong!

So, when Mrs Jiggs found this article about Floatin' Down The Delaware, we knew what had to be done....road trip!

This extreme (yet very tasty!) letterbox is located on the Delaware River somewhere downstream of Frenchtown, NJ. It is NOT accessible from the adjacent roads.

To get to this box, one would have to brave Force .01 rapids, 2 MPH currents, and the odd buttscrape from the scary, at times 4 foot deep waters! Be prepared for about a three hour adventure! As you travel, remember that song!

Once you have survived all that, you will see your target looming on the right (OK, maybe it will be cloudy, like it was for us - just follow the huge blue directional arrows to "Hot Dog Island").

The Hot Dog Man is actually a floating hot dog stand that you have to stand in the river to get to the counter (bring some cash in a Ziplock, if you're not part of one of the tube/hotdog packages available)

Pull up your sturdy watercraft of choice (sorry, no motorized craft of any kind. Inner tubes *the BEST way*, kayak, canoe, raft etc are all okay). There are picnic tables and a small fire pit available.

For our adventure, we selected, and highly recommend

though there are outfits in Bucks County, PA that offer similar services.

One could take the trip on their own, but make sure you preposition a vehicle to take you back to your starting point ( hence the 5.1 mile hike designation)

After enjoying your snack, make your way to the large smooth stump located in front of the Hot Dog Man on the island. Walk downstream 100 steps. To your right you will see a path. Take 15 more stepsheading toward the centre of the island. Go up the slight incline to your right. At the top there is a fallen tree trunk. Letterbox is hidden in the nook between the fallen tree and an Elm tree.

Please rehide well, as this is a very popular area in the summer.

Have fun, eh?