The Squiter Eater  LbNA # 34753

Placed DateSep 1 2007
LocationHewitt, NJ
Found By 3snowflakes
Last Found Jul 20 2009
Hike Distance?

The Squiter Eater is located at
Green Turtle Pond, in the Wanaque Wildlife Management Area
The pond can be reached by taking Awosting Road, off Rt. 511, near Hewitt.
Take Greenwood Lake Turnpike (511) to Awosting Rd. Entrance to pond approx. 1 mile on right.
Keep your eyes peeled for the brown Wanaque Wildlife Management Area sign!

Hidden by, Sera & Doobie 9/2/07

~Clues: easy/ moderate
You’ll need a compass
~Trail: Easy
~# of Boxes: 2
~Time: no more than 1 half hour for both. (15 minutes if you are fast.)

Box # 1 The Eater

You can either park at the Wanaque Wildlife Management sign and walk down the road or drive down slowly. (The road is in need of paving)

• Park where you see a green barricade on your left
• Enter the woods at the barricade
• Walk until you see the rock strewn incline on your left
• Walk up the incline
• At the top you will see a pine tree on your left and a trail in front of you
• Make a left on the trail and stand with your back against the orange marker (facing the way you came).
• Take a compass reading and walk off trail into the forest at 100 EAST
• You will come to little clearing created by a large hemlock tree. You’ll see the remains of an old fire ring at your feet and a fallen pine tree to your left.
• Standing next to the WEST side of the stump of the pine tree FACING EAST take a compass reading of 105 EAST. You should see a hemlock and a rocky outcropping.
• Walk to the outcropping.
• With your back to the NORTH side of the hemlock facing SOUTH take 8 steps SOUTH.
• What you seek is hidden in the rocks.

PLEASE take care to camouflage the box better than you found it.

Box # 2 The Squiter ( microbox..No ink etc.)

• Make your way back the way you came going down the rock incline
• Once on the trail again , (walking back towards the barricade
• Make your first LEFT and walk down to edge of the pond.
• You should find yourself facing the pond under a large pine tree.
• There is a trail the enters the woods following the bank of the pond to your left
• You’ll come to a fork in the trail.
• Standing by the rock at the fork with the pond to your right and the gravel trail to your left take a compass reading of 100 EAST
• Walk 16 steps ahead to the tree with curving arms
• What you seek is beneath the tree under a rock.

PLEASE take care to camouflage the box better than you found it.

This attractive trout stocked 40-acre lake has plenty of parking, a gravel boat launch (electric-only motors allowed) and is surrounded by woodlands.

~Sera & Doobie