Landlord of the Uplands  LbNA # 34781 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 13 2007
CountySt. Lucie
LocationPort St. Lucie, FL
Found By The Faderjockey
Last Found Jan 25 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 16 2015

**MISSING!** as of 8-4-09

-Sorry guys. I guess it washed away or something. The Oxbow staff recovered the lid to the box and nothing else. I will probably not replace this box, in this location, because this is the second time I'm going through this at this particular nature reserve. There are pleanty more trails and parks in St. Lucie County to hide letterboxes, so look for new placements in the future months. I will leave the info for the Oxbow listed below for those who want to check it out. Its a really nice place and the trails are pretty friendly to families with younger children. Enjoy, and happy letterboxing!!


This letterbox is located at the Oxbow Eco-Center in St. Lucie County. I will provide an address so that you can Mapquest it rather then me trying to explain how to get there:

Oxbow Eco-Center
5400 NE St. James Drive
Pt. St. Lucie, FL 34983

The walk is about a mile long, and will take an adult 10 – 15 minutes to walk each way. It can get rather hot at the reserve during the afternoon, so you may want to plan accordingly (water bottle, hat, etc); or plan on going in the morning or early evening.

Enter the Eco-Center and park in the stalls to the Southeast, or near the trail entrance. You will see a kiosk near the trail head which features a map of the trails and some other park information. You may even be able to obtain a paper map to take with you. Study the map and find the point where the Tortoise, Otter and Raccoon trails all connect at a convergence point. This is where you’re headed. There are many different ways to get there, but the fastest way is to just stick to the Tortoise trail.

Enter at the trail head and follow your route to the trail convergence point. The trails are well marked, so you shouldn’t get mixed up or lost. Keep an eye out for tortoises and their holes as you walk. They are all over these trails.

When you reach the bridge, take the trail that heads off to the left hand side (this should be the Otter). This trail will shortly lead you to the St Lucie River and another Map/Kiosk.

In this area, find the marker for the St. Lucie River and stand with your back to it, facing the trail that you have just traversed. Walk approx 26 paces back up the trail to a very small stump. Turn 90 degrees to the right. You should see a single, tall palmetto tree with a dense collection of tree limbs, sticks, palmetto leaves, etc at the base. Dig through the branches to the base of the tree to find the Landlord of the Uplands.

**PLEASE** be discreet when you are handling the letterbox. There are not usually many hikers at the Oxbow, but we don’t want uneducated onlookers disturbing the box.

**Please** do not destroy any live foliage or trample any small trees or vines. The box is hidden among dead branches for a purpose. We want to preserve environment, not deplete it.

**PLEASE** replace the box where you find it. Return it in such a way that it is properly hidden from sight with sticks, leaves, and palmetto branches. Make sure that it is also properly structured so that rain and bad weather won’t cause it to slide down the embankment and into the water.

Enjoy the rest of the reserve. Please let me know if you have any problems or questions.