Fun with Flipper  LbNA # 34785 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 3 2007
LocationRhodhiss, NC
Planted ByTHE SEEKERS 1108    
Found By Kaki & Doodlebug
Last Found Mar 2 2008
Hike Distance?

Fun with Flipper !

Castle Rock Bridge access area
Lake Rhodhiss , NC

Very short trail walk from a parking lot.

Have you ever wondered where Flipper goes to vacation when he gets a few days off ???
Why.... he comes to LAKE RHODHISS of course.... in western North Carolina.

To find Flipper you must find Castle Rock Bridge access area. If you're heading west on HWY 70 out of Hickory it's a right turn onto MALCOLM BLVD. Travel up Malcolm Blvd about 3 miles and you'll cross a bridge and there on your right is Castle Rock Bridge access. There are two parking lots here.... drive up to the upper lot. Park in the top far right corner space. You'll see a tree that has been broken in half. It looks like a stump about 15' tall. To the left of this tree a trail goes into the woods. Take the trail until is curves to the right and goes downhill. Right here at the curve you'll see a small tree on the left that says I'M YOURS. Behind this I'M YOURS tree and slightly to the right you'll see two trees growing close together. There is JUST ENOUGH SPACE between those trees for Flipper. He's under leaves and sticks.

Thank you for coming to see Flipper on Vacation !!!

Be careful on the trail.... and be sure to go during the day. It's obviously a well used party place.

Bring your own ink.... and your own pen.