Lets go to the movies #8  LbNA # 34794 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTHE SEEKERS 1108    
Placed DateSep 3 2007
LocationMaiden, NC
Found By The Wolf Family
Last Found Jan 31 2009
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Lets go to the movies # 8


This 1996 movie is listed as being a Comedy / Thriller / Fantasy / Horror movie......
and it really does it's best to deliver each aspect !!!!
This movie starred Michael J Fox who became well known when he played Alex Keaton in Family Ties, which ran from 82 to 89.

This "all around" film centers around Fox's charecter, Frank Bannister, who is a shifty "Ghosthunter". Since a car accident he had he has been able to see and communicate with spirits. He is now seeing more than he wants to see !! It appears that a soul taker, who is in fact, the spirit of a seriel killer from 20 years earlier.... is here in town taking anyone he wants. This soul taker/seriel killer is Johnny Bartlett, played by Jake Busey. His accomplice is Patricia, played by Dee Wallace Stone. She has long dark hair in this movie and is barely recognisable!


This movie is THE FRIGHTENERS.

To find this Spirit, you must be in Catawba County NC in the town of Maiden.
If you travel down Main Street and follow signs to the MAIDEN RECREATION DEPT, you'll see Maiden Cemetary across the street from the rear grounds of the rec center.
Drive into the cemetary and locate the AMERICAN FLAG with the Plaque "In memory of our American War dead".
If you're standing facing this plaque you can look between the bushes on the left side of the flag (in the planter) and you'll find your spirit box burried with leaves.

This may seem a strange place to hide this kind of box.... unless you have SEEN this movie. One of the most important things that we see is Bannister in the cemetary. He can see and hear all of the spirits there and apparently it's not the first time he disturbed a Seargent and his military counterparts, burried in the Veteran section of the cemetary. The Seartent's spirit... who is played by very accomplished actor R. Lee Emory, not only threatens Bannister to leave, but he has weapons and tries to shoot him to protect his company. Even though he's just a ghost, as are the men he commands, he's still trying to protect them from harm.
We, as movie fans AND Letterboxers, put this box here to honor the fallen heroes who have served.

Thanks for "Going to the movies" with us !!!
We hope you have enjoyed.

Bring your own ink and your own pen... and don't forget to look for # 7 hidden here too !!!