Farther Still  LbNA # 34797

Placed DateSep 2 2007
LocationBridgton, ME
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

From the parking lot, walk to the canoe put-in. Near the water’s edge, take the trail on the left, which begins with a double-blazed tree. From this tree, see the next blue-blazed trunk ahead. Walk to this tree, and then take six paces more. Find a roundish boulder off trail on the left.

Before the boardwalk to the Muddy River, find a spot where a letterboxing birch is off trail on the left, and a tree root enfolds a boulder off trail on the right. Search behind this boulder.

Find the Heart of the Preserve. Behind the bench, locate a flat slab of birch and look here.

Just before the boardwalk to the shore of Holt Pond, a log lies over the trail. Search the break to the right of the trail.

Tread tire alley. Where the trail branches off to the left, continue uphill on the tire alley. Pass a cross trail that comes out of an old sand pit on the left. A short distance ahead is a boulder sitting on another boulder.

Enjoy your hunt.

Directions can be found at http://www.mainelakes.org/preserve.htm

I highly recommend you print off a copy of the guide to Holt Pond Preserve, found at http://www.mainelakes.org/documents/Holt%20Pond%20Field%20Guide%20small.pdf

If you go Farther Still, continue from your goal along the "Janus" trail a 50 yards or so to find something to look at. Also, try the P + 8 trail (careful) to a spot a few minutes away to sit and look.