Luke and Duke's box  LbNA # 34798 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 3 2007
LocationGaithersburg, MD
Planted ByGoldfish Brooke    
Found By Ratinabox
Last Found Sep 8 2007
Hike Distance?

***Update*** I believe that our box was washed away with one of the storms that passed thru there... If anyone knows where our box is, please let us know. Otherwise, this is a really nice nature walk...

**This trail is dog friendly, keep them on a leash!**

Park at Robertson Park Youth center on Rabbitt Road in Gaithersburg. Walk down the sidewalk past the baseball diamond and soccer field. Turn left at the tree named "Ollie Kasow". (If you pass the guardrail, you went too far.) Head back into the woods, and take the trail going right.

*Go past the green hiker on your left, continue going down the hill.
*Go over the creek bed into the clearing, and over the rocks.
*Continue past the barbed-wire fence.

****Keep an eye out for our friend Bob the Beaver!!****

*Enjoy the creek on your right, it's a great place to stop and watch the fish in the water, or let your dog have a drink.
*Turn left on the trail before you get to the bridge that takes you up and out of the park.
*Hop over the big fallen log.
*Go through the two natural arches.
*Over and under the two trees in your way on the path.
*Pass the big hill on your left.
*Keep going until the trail ends and meets up with a bike path. Follow the bike path to your right.
*Cross over the grated bridge
*Turn immediately left facing the rocks.
*Look for the two zebra striped rocks at the edge of the grass, and under them you will find Luke and Duke's box.

Happy Hunting!