American Hippie  LbNA # 34801

Placed DateAug 6 2007
LocationWarrenton, MO
Planted ByHippie Trails    
Found By MO UR4Me
Last Found Mar 17 2011
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is hidden in a State Forest in Missouri.
The forest honors Frank and Emma Elizabeth Reifsnider.
Gates open 4am to 10pm
It is located south off Hwy M between Foristell and Warrenton.

This letterbox is the 2nd in a series of boxes that will be hidden here.
(another boxer has hidden a box along Lizard Rock Trail so look for it also)

This is an EXTREME letterbox. It involves what could be a dangerous climb.
It should not be attempted by small children or others who may not be up to such a

To start your search for this box, follow the road entering the park and cross the creek.
You can park here. There are tables for a picnic and itís a really beautiful spot.
You are going to walk back to the creek.
If there is too much water for you to wade or so much water that there arenít spots of bare rock for you to cross on then you need to search another time in drier weather.
When you get to the creek you need to go left.
As you walk along the creek youíll eventually need to be on the right side of the creek bed, so either start there or prepare to cross.
As you walk along Iím sure youíll marvel at the solid rock slabs that make up the bed of the creek in many spots and the unique ledges that have formed.

Follow the creek. You will see a large boulder on the left side of the creek.
Across from it on the right side of the creek are what look like rock stairs.
Follow the stairs to a wash-out ravine.
Cross the trunk of the huge fallen tree.
As you look up and ahead of you youíll notice a horse shoe shaped ledge that just begs to be used as your personal veranda for a short time today.

Youíll have to decide now which direction to make your trek for the summit.
If approach from the left you must climb to the top, circle around and then descend to the
Veranda from above. This is NOT for the weary or anyone who will be overly tempted to use the loose shale for hand holds. It just should not be done. Smooth the loose rock away
before you plant your feet and warn anyone climbing behind you!!!

You could also choose to summit from the right side. Go up the face and around the highest tree before the shelf. Ease around the outcropping to reach the Veranda.
Both are pretty strenuous climbs compared to any Iíve been on for letterboxes in this area. This is meant to be an EXTREME BOX.

Looking out over the ravine from your new veranda, notice the holes in the wall on the right. Small rocks hide your prize. The first boxer to make the trek will find a pretty cool
Hippie Trails To You hitchhiker to take along to their next letterbox.
The American Hippie Box is my personal favorite. Iím very pleased with the stamp and hope others enjoy it. There are markers for the stamp included in the box. Please recap them well and let me know if they need to be replaced. I think the box is special enough to warrant the EXTREME hike. (from this point- a right turn and an additional extreme climb of the hillside will bring you out very near the Celtric Tricantrum Box and the road you descended to reach the creek in your car)Or take a deep breath, enjoy the view and carefully descend the way you went up.

Sure hope you enjoy.