WillowBrook Museum Village  LbNA # 34807

Placed DateSep 1 2008
LocationNewfield, ME
Found By flowergirls
Last Found Oct 18 2008
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Willow Brook Museum Village Newfield, Maine
A Family Passport through Time

*This is a museum passport made for the Willow brook Village to encourage children to learn about the Escape to the country and experience 19th century Yankee ingenuity at its best!

For a small fee a family can tour its village and experience two historic houses and their barns, a reproduction schoolhouse and bandstand, and a millpond at this restored country village. Plan to spend at least 3 hours once you arrive. Bring a picnic or enjoy lunch on site.

Horse-drawn sleighs and carriages, an 1849 Concord stagecoach, a 1894 carousel, gas engines, a “road able” airplane, and various trades shops—blacksmith, broom maker, canoe builder, cooper, cobbler, harness maker, printer, wheelwright, woodworker—these are just a few of the delightful displays you’ll see!

Adults $9.00
Seniors 65+ 7.50
Students 6 to 18 4.00
Under 6 Free!

Stamp One: This Stamp shows where cream for making butter comes from. Try on the yoke with buckets behind you. Using a yoke made carrying heavy buckets of cream easier.

Stamp Two: Don't let anyone pull the wool over your eyes! Wool for spinning and weaving comes from a ...

Stamp Three: Go back to the front of the barn and find the red arrow. Open the gate and turn left. Go down the stairs and into the basement to find something to do with snow.

Stamp Four: As you walk to the back of the basement look for a special crate invented by a man from Newfield. He thought having a round crate was kinder to (what animal?)

Stamp Five: Go out the back of the barn and visit the Carriage House to see something made in Newfield.

Stamp Six: Now go into the building next to the Carriage House. This stamp shows one of the many things a blacksmith can make on his forge. Print it with the open end up for good luck!

Stamp Seven: Go to the lawn in front of the Durgin Barn. There is a brown stenciled post on top of a wooden platform. What do you think it was used for? Pump the handle and see what happens!

Stamp Eight: Time to cross over to the other side of the museum. You'll find the next stamp at the first shed on your left just after you cross the bridge. This machine is a labor-saving machine for farmers --old-fashioned and modern!

Stamp Nine: You have to search for this next one! Go to the Ice Cream Parlor and take the stairs to see sleighs, wagons, and buggies just for kids!

Stamp Ten: Go out the front door to the area where the picnic tables are to see a big maple tree. Can you find holes in the tree trunk where sap was collected for syrup?

Stamp Eleven: Go into the Dr. Trafton House and find the kitchen. Can you imagine the good smells that would come from the stove when cookies were being baked?

Stamp Twelve: Ask the nice lady inside the big red barn next to the parking lot to help you find this stamp! This building is the home of The Shop at Willow brook which has many unique gifts, toys and books for sale!