Caddoan Pottery  LbNA # 34832 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 2 2007
LocationAthens, TX
Planted Bymonarchtrailer    
Found By Texas Pokey
Last Found Nov 5 2007
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Henderson County Pottery Industry
Prehistoric Caddoan Indians untilized the abundant deposits of rich clays in this region to
make their fine pottery vessels. The modern pottery industry in Henderson County began
in 1857, when Levi S. Cogburn (1812-1866), one of a family of potters from Georgia, started making cups, saucers and plates in Athens. Cogburns' plant operated until shortly after his death in 1866.
Industry was reactivated in 1885 by M. K. Miller, who with his sons, started the Athens Pottery Company, first of many tile, brick and pottery plants in the area.

To the letterbox:

From downtown Athens, travel Hwy 19 South towards Palestine approximately 1 mile. You will see J. Pickney Henderson Park on your left. The park is an island between Hwy 19 South and St. Thomas Street, and is very small. It is located across Hwy 19 from Texas Trust Bank. When you find the area, park on St.Thomas Street close to the Historical Markers. Read the various historical markers located in this park. After reading the markers, travel down to the North end of the park that sits between St. Thomas Drive, Hwy 19, and Bryson Ave. Walk up the sidewalk and sit at the concrete table facing downtown Athens. Look to your right towards St. Thomas Drive. You will see 1 large tree with two small cedar trees around it. The letterbox is hidden behind the small cedar tree closest to you. Please recover well.
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