Jennings Mountain  LbNA # 34839

Placed DateSep 2 2007
LocationBrownsboro, TX
Planted Bymonarchtrailer    
Found By FiveGs
Last Found Nov 21 2012
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Jennings Mountain Cemetery is the only cemetery in Brownsboro that is used today. It exists on the top of the highest peak in Brownsboro, and is the resting ground of several early Native Americans.

To the letterbox:

From Brownsboro, located on Hwy 31 between Athens and Tyler, you will find Ingram Street which is where one of only two stoplights on Hwy 31, in the city of Brownsboro exists. Ingram Street entrance is located between the Brownsboro Junior High School and the Brownsboro Administration Building. Follow this road until it connects with County Road 3600. You will travel right on 3600 until you see the road veer to the left and up the mountain. There is a large yellow sign on this veer that reads NO TRESPASSING, JENNINGS MOUNTAIN CEMETERY. That sign was posted so no one would just go to the top of the mountain to hang out. Drive up the mountain. When you reach the top, drive straight until you see the silver painted pipe fence. Park in front of the triangle gate entrance which is located next to the grave marker you can see of TEW. Walk through the gate and walk straight (East) 20 steps to the grave marker McLean. From this marker turn right. Walk 32 steps (south) and stop. When you look to your left you will see a shrub next to the grave marker of "Tammy". Look in the low branches of the shrub and you will find the Jennings Mountain Indian.