Iris  LbNA # 34923 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 7 2007
LocationCoos Bay, OR
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Head West on Newmark, pass Walmart and the College. When the west-bound lane goes from two lanes to one, Hull St. is the first right hand turn.

Pass the first parking lot, and drive to the left, drive under the SIGN of John Topits Park.

Keep to the right, down a small drive to the second parking lot. Park here.

At the North end of the parking lot, is a black-top trail head. You are only 1/4 (approx) away!)

There is a park bench on the left, but keep walking straight ahead. Pass a second bench. Continue PASSED the path on the left, where a bridge is in view. (enjoy that on the way back to your car!)

Continue straight, pass another bench , straight to fork in the path. Take the left fork, pass a FOURTH bench. Approx 35 paces passed the FOURTH bench, there is an overturned tree on the right. It's roots face the path.

Walk between the root base and a stump. Just behind the left of the root base is your prize, beneath woody debris.

The FOURTH bench is a great place to record your stamp book, and enjoy a wonderful view.