Pao-pa's Community Horse  LbNA # 34931

Placed DateAug 29 2007
Locationgallatin, TX
Planted ByKitty Kat Kid    
Found By kjam
Last Found Jun 23 2008
Hike Distance?

Pao-pa's Community Horse

Directions: From HW 69 take HW 768 and go about 5 miles and the community center is on the left.
Clues:standing in front of the Community Center go to the right side of it. You will see a path leading to the back of the building. Walk down the path until you get to the tree in the right corner of the lot it may have bushes around it. Turn left from the tree until you see the big white add on. Walk to the left of the add on and go to the corner in between the white add on and the brick part of the building. Turn to the left and you will see bushes ( If the bushes aren't there any more look at the ground beside the brick wall)under the bushes or beside the wall is the letterbox hiding under leaves and sticks. Good luck!