Troop 68 1 & 2  LbNA # 34948

OwnerYODA MOM    
Placed DateSep 2 2007
LocationFort Lee, NJ
Found By White Wings
Last Found Oct 18 2007
Hike Distance?

These 2 letterboxes were planted on 9/2/07 by members of Boy Scout Troop 68, Union NJ for an upcoming hike. The hope is to make the hike a little more interesting and for the scouts to practice their compass skills.
You can get a trail map at the Fort Lee Historic Park Visitor Center.

Troop 68-Box 1 "The Old Fountain"
Start in Fort Lee at the southern-most end of the White Trail(Shore Trail). You will hike down a series of steps to
trail that runs along the Hudson River. Hike due north, you will pass under the George Washington Bridge. Continue approx. 1.7 miles from the bridge, you will come to a stone water fountain (water pipes are capped) on the right of the path. Facing north 50 degrees west, walk 10 paces(20 steps).
Then facing 224 degrees, walk 3 paces(6 steps) and you will find the box under a pile of rocks.(If you pass over a small stone bridge on the trail-you have gone too far)
40 degrees 51.780N 073degrees 57.257 W

Troop 68-Box 2 "The Ruins"
Continue along the White (Shore) Trail for approx 2 1/2 miles (4.3 miles from start of hike)**There is a section where the trail splits. You can stay near the shore or take the "High Tide Detour" Only the adventurous should continue on the shore path.The path is rocky and some rocks are IN the water. Detour is not long-it goes up toward the road & back down. At almost any place along the trail, you can hike up the cliff to Henry Hudson Dr.& walk along the road. Be careful-you are sharing the road with cars & many bicycles.**Back to the box--You will come upon 2 sets of stone ruins. At the 2nd set of ruins, follow the north wall, west to the northwest corner of bldg. About 2 paces NW from corner under a 2 ft log is your goal.(if you pass a pile of trees-you have gone too far)
40 degrees 53.363 N 073 degrees 56.444 W