Space Adventure @ Falling Branch / Kilgore Falls  LbNA # 34949 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 1 2008
LocationPylesville, MD
Planted Bylil' train boy    
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Hike Distance?

This is an easy hike, suitable for kids of all ages. Roundtrip is approximately 1 mile.

To Reach the trailhead, take Route 24 north through Rocks State Park. Approximately 4 miles past the main Rocks State Park area, turn left onto St. Mary's Road. Turn Right onto Falling Branch Road. The parking lot is on the right.

Begin on the main trail in the northwest corner of the parking lot. Take the trail over the wooden foot bridge. Continue on this trail past a bench on the right. Keep walking. Shortly thereafter be on the lookout for an old "chimney" to the left of the trail... the remains of an old mill site. Stay on the main trail but start counting steps when the "chimney" is directly to your left. Go approximately 50 steps. Look right. You will see a large pine tree with much of its root system exposed. Now look at the tree to its right. It has a smaller trunk and has grown at a strange angle. Behind this smaller tree is the "space" treasure.

You've found it, but don't turn back now! Continue along the trail to the fork. The left fork brings you to the bottom of Kilgore Falls, the 2nd highest natural vertical waterfall in Maryland (at 19 feet). The right fork brings you to the waterfall's top.