Dragon's Beginning  LbNA # 34961

Placed DateSep 8 2007
LocationOviedo, FL
Planted ByScreeching Dragons    
Found By The Time Travelers-2
Last Found Mar 26 2010
Hike Distance?

Our son has been fascinated with dragons since he was three. He has many dragon books. While looking through “Dragonology", I discovered some wonderful riddles. Dragons love to be puzzled by a good riddle, so each of these clues will include a riddle. The answer can be found inside the box.

This box is located in the Econ River Wilderness Area. To get the the park, take McCulloch Road east past the UCF stadium. When you get to a four way stop, turn left. The park will be immediately on your right. We did not see any restrooms while we were there, so you might want to stop on your way.

Dragon’s Beginning Riddle
In marble walls as white as milk,
Lined with skin as soft as silk,
Within a fountain crystal clear,
A golden apple does a pear.
No doors are there to this stronghold-
Yet thieves break in and steal the gold.

Box Clues

Stop to sign in at the welcome pavillion and begin walking along the trail marked on your left. Meander around a small pond. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, but beware of the treacherous roots under foot. After you have traveled for around ten minutes, you will come upon a magical oak stretching acoss the path from the right. You will know that it is the place of the dragon's beginning by the curious moss that grows around the base of the tree. Place your back to the oak, facing away from the direction of the branches. Around six feet away, you will spy two small oaks growing side by side. That which you seek lies between these twin trees beneath a suspicious pile of ground cover.
During your pursuit, if you come to a fire road, you will know that you have wandered too far. Turn around and walk for about three minutes.