Pushing Up Daisies #9  LbNA # 34964

Placed DateSep 8 2007
LocationSalida, CO
Found By Johnsosaurus
Last Found May 7 2016
Hike Distance?

9/8/14 - I understand there are 2 full books in this one. If anyone could leave a new book, that would be great. I live on the east coast now so won't be getting there any time soon.

This is the ninth in my cemetery series and we found another unique spot. This one is just west of Salida, CO on Rte 50. Coming from the west, from Poncho Springs, the cemetery will be on the right. You'll notice a relatively small area with a lot of white crosses close together. This one is a pet cemetery.

To find the box, pull off the road -- there's adequate space to be out of traffic but be careful. There is a gate at the east end, go in there. The box is on the back side of the cemetery next to a cross for Heather Louch, 1978-1993. Check out the tree to the right. The box is behind the cut log under a smaller log. Be sure to cover it well when you're done.