Potomac Dragonfly  LbNA # 34996

Placed DateSep 9 2007
LocationLeesburg, VA
Planted ByMac Queen    
Found By Nana/Ular
Last Found Nov 10 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 10 2015

Go to Red Rock Regional Park on Edwards Ferry Road, one mile east of the Route 15 bypass.

Take the trail that starts from the left-hand corner of the parking lot, past the picnic table. In one or two minutes, you will come to a fork in the trail. Stay on the main trail; do not bear to the right.

When you approach the Potomac River, the trail will again come to a fork (or a "T"), and you should take the trail to the right.

After 60-70 steps, stop and look to your right. You will see a fallen tree, whose roots have been pulled from the ground. The tree is about 15 steps off the trail. Go to the end of the tree with the roots, and face so that you are looking down the length of the tree.

At a 45-degree angle to your right, about 20 steps away, you will see a tree that is falling down, but which hasn't fallen down, as it is leaning against another tree. The letterbox is in the base of this tree.