Cretaceous Park  LbNA # 35006 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerForce of Five    
Placed DateSep 9 2007
LocationAshburn, VA
Found By lilkodamas
Last Found May 20 2010
Hike Distance?

Go to the Dinosaur Playground (real name Ashburn Park) in Ashburn. (Take Route 7 and proceed south on Claiborne Parkway. Turn left onto Gloucester Parkway. Turn right onto Ashburn Rd. Take a right on Partlow and take Partlow until it ends in the Dinosaur Parking lot.)

Box #1 – Corythosaurus

replanted 9/11/08 after being found disassembled outside original spot

As you enter the playground, count the scales on the “Roof Lizard” who welcomes you onto the first playset. Have fun playing on all the equipment. After you’re finished playing, find the bellowing “Tyrant Lizard King.” Standing under him, you should see a path into the trees. Take this very short path until you reach a T at the paved path. Turn left and take as many steps as the scales you counted earlier. On your right a short way into the woods you should see a very wide tree stump with a large hole in the center. Inside this stump was the original hiding spot for the “Helmet Lizard." Unfortunately, I think this was a hang-out spot for teens. Go back up the short path. On one side you will see several short log pieces. Underneath the smallest you will find the "Helmet Lizard." Please be discreet when searching and rehide well, this is a busy area.

Box #2 – Triceratops - recarved and replanted 3/2/08 (had been reported missing Nov. 07)

Go to the big tree stump again. Continue on the path away from the playground. You will come to a Y in the path. Take the right fork over the first bridge. Do not go over the second bridge. Instead, take the path to the right. Go on this path about 140 steps. There will be a fallen tree on the left, directly next to the path. You will know you are getting close when you pass a large fallen dead tree with many pinecones. Then you will pass a tree with a furry branch that looks like a giant caterpillar crawling up it. The fallen tree is about 30 ft. long. The "Three Horned Face" was originally hidden behind this fallen tree. Lesson learned: don't plant right next to the path. Continue on the path. On the right just before the path bends to the left, you will see a tree stump that is cut almost vertically. (Got a note from finder that this tree stump is almost rotted away - Sept. 2010) Stand to the right of the stump and look into the woods. You should be staring straight at a very large tree. At the base of the tree trunk on the west side lies the new "Three Horned Face."

Box #3 – Dromaeosaurus - Missing as of 5/26/08

Return across the bridge to the fork, and take the other path. You will pass 2 metal sewer covers on the right. The path will then lead into the woods. Look for an impressive tree on the left with 4 huge branches reaching up to the sky like arms. About 12 steps farther down the path on the right, you will find a large rock wedged in between 2 trees. The “Running Lizard” is hidden behind this large rock, under some small rocks and a log.

Hope you enjoy the Cretaceous Park. This is our first plant, feedback is most welcome!