Flagondry  LbNA # 35009

Placed DateSep 9 2007
CountySt. Charles
LocationBusch Memorial Conservation Area, St. Charles, MO
Planted ByHippie Trails    
Found By I dig toasters
Last Found Oct 24 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 29 2015

Flagondry Letterbox

This letterbox is hidden along the Hamburg Trail in August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area. (Commonly known by locals as Busch Wildlife)
The gates are open 6 AM to 10 PM.
Permit for placing letterboxes is required and states that the following information be provided:
1. The Conservation Area is open to multiple public uses including hunting, fishing, and hiking;
2. Trespass onto adjacent private property is not permitted and trespass complaints may result in revocation of permit;
3. Letterboxes are allowed by Special Permit only;
4. Searching for letterboxes is strongly discouraged during managed deer and turkey hunts (contact Area Manager for specific dates)
5. Persons searching for letterboxes during the firearms deer season and firearms turkey season are strongly encouraged to wear huter orange.

From St. Louis
Take Hwy 40/61 West to Hwy 94 Weldon Springs exit.
Turn left across the overpass. (This is Hwy 94)
Continue until you reach the Stoplight at Hwy D.
Turn Right.

From Kansas City
Take Hwy 40/61 East to Hwy K/Hwy 94 exit.
At first Stoplight, go straight.
At 2nd Stoplight, turn Right (This is Hwy 94)
Continue until you reach the Stoplight at Hwy D.
Turn Right.

West on Hwy D to first parking area on the right, across from Francis Howell High School. Park in this gravel area. To the far right there is a sign indicating a trail and fishing pond.

Follow this gravel path. There will be a marker pointing to the trail.
The path had many spider webs the afternoon we were there, so pick up a stick to knock them aside.

At the first fork in the trail go straight. A short way ahead is a wooden bridge. Go across the bridge and left down the stairs. At the bottom is a wooden bridge…it has been washed askew by water so step carefully….you can always step down and walk across…there are broken bottles there so be careful. Go up the stairs on the other side. Follow the trail. At a brown post the trail forks. Take the left trail. The trail will fork again and you again go
Left to an amphitheater. There are two trails out. This time go to the right. When you cross a large fallen tree, stay left and follow the path to an observation blind. If you’ve been quiet, you may see some deer or turkeys in the field through the blind. Directly around the back side of the blind on the right side on the ground are two boards, behind the boards is Flagondry.
The first finder card is dated April 2007 but I didn’t hide the box until Sept 9, 2007. This is Missouri so, of course, there is some poison ivy around.
It’s a pretty cool trail, during the week you could find teenagers sneaking a smoke or even skipping school.

I think the box will be safe where it’s hidden but be sure not to pull away the weeds that hold up the boards hiding the box. Lift them out. I hope you enjoy the box, bring some markers to add some color to a dragonfly stamp that I’ve carved and left with a cute index card book. Please rehide it well, if it’s accidentally discovered here, it will probably be lost.

Farther down the original gravel road there is a really nice secluded small fishing lake. Even a couple of benches for resting. I’d bet one of those “right hand forks” leads to it also, but I haven’t had the opportunity to find out yet.

If you have never been to the conservation area, continue west on Hwy D for a couple of miles to the entrance on the right. You can look for Sunshine Daydreams box there.