Lets go to the Movies # 10  LbNA # 35011

Placed DateSep 9 2007
LocationNebo, NC
Planted ByTHE SEEKERS 1108    
Found By nstyle
Last Found May 26 2009
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Lets go to the movies # 10

Kid friendly
Pet friendly (leashed only)


Exclaimations of "ZOINKS" and " JINKIES " are heard throughout this crazy movie !!! It reminds many of us of a simpler time.... nearly 40 years ago, when, as children, we watched this group of teenagers and their dog solve crazy crimes while riding around in a yellow and purple floral van!
Each episode of this silly animated series had different famous people of the time... actors, singers, sports celebrities..... whoever they could come up with !!
My favorite had Jonathan Winters..... and he played both himself and his female relative.... the mystery was about giant chickens!
Over the years that the series ran many extra people / animals came and went, but the main charecters remained the same and they never aged. They were always teenagers.

Years later after many reruns of the series and several animated movies, this adventursome group was brought to the big screen in a live action movie !! This live action movie starred Freddie Prince Jr, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Matthew Gillard and Linda Cardellini. I'm sure they got paid in real MONEY, but the dog, who was always more of a "Scaredie Cat" may have been paid in the snacks that bear his name !!!

This movie is Warner Brothers'

Shaggy's real first name is NORVILLE !!
If this is ever mentioned in the old cartoon or the new live action movies, I don't recall it.

Scooby Doo, as you know, was always trying to hide.... for fear that his crime solving friends would try to involve him in something that he was sure he would not live to tell about. "RUT ROH" !!!

To find this Crazy Canine, you must go to Lake James State Park near Nebo NC. The park is easily accessible from I40 Exit 90 or from HWY 70. Follow the brown Park Signs.
When you enter the park go to the DAY USE AREA. Park in the lot closest to the large picnic pavillion. To the left of the Pavillion is a paved Trail called OVER MOUNTAIN VICTORY NATIONAL HISTORIC TRAIL. It is a ZIG ZAG trail until you pass a covered INFORMATION BOARD about ANIMAL TRACKS. (I'll bet when Scooby Doo saw these tracks he trembled in fear...and yelled for "RAGGY"....what do you think ?**TeeHee**)
Stay on this trail until you pass the fishing pier ... and the trail turns to dirt. Stay on the dirt trail. You'll cross a boardwalk and up the hill a ways you'll see steps. Go up the steps, pausing on the landing to view the lake... or to rest !!! .... When you get to the very top step look straight across the trail. Do you see the ARROW marker ?? Do NOT go the way the arrow points.... but look behind it.... RIGHT BEHIND IT......against the arrow's post.
Scooby Doo is there.... burried in pine needles, leaves and sticks.

Thank you for going to the movies with us ! What a great way to spend the afternoon.... a matinee and it didn't cost you a DIME !!!

JINKIES we've had fun !! **LOL**

Box #9 is here too... don't forget to find that one !!

Bring your own ink... and your own pen.
Please rehide well, it's so close to the trail !!
Be sure to bag and then double bag the box itself... the seal is not good.