Road Trip Colorado  LbNA # 35012 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 9 2007
LocationCripple Creek, CO
Found By WalksLikeTrees
Last Found Nov 9 2008
Hike Distance?

1/09 - This one has been pulled. Sorry

11/10/08 - Looks like this area is changing. I've been told the stove and picnic table are gone but the box is still there. So, look around. Hopefully it's somewhat hidden. Try under rocks.
I will probably pull this one of these days since there is also construction in the area.

Here is another box from our road trip across the country. It's a drive-by once you get there but getting there is a challenge. Thanks to our excellent travel guide we found this unique spot on an incredible scenic tour.

The box is on Shelf Rd. about 3.9 miles south of Cripple Creek or 3.2 miles from the intersection of CR88 and CR881. We think it's between mile markers 4 and 5 but we didn't actually check this.
If you're coming from Canon City, it would be 23 miles from the intersection of County Road 9 (Field Ave) and Rte 50. Field Ave turns into Shell Rd.
The road is not paved and we recommend a high clearance vehicle. There is no winter road maintenance.

You are looking for a turn-off on the right from Cripple Creek and left from Canon City. In this turn off is a blue stove and a picnic table. It's a bit more visible traveling north. Once you find the spot check under the back of the stove and hidden by rocks. Cover well when you're done.

Happy hunting and driving. Take the whole Gold Belt tour. It's worth it.