A suspension box  LbNA # 35044 (ARCHIVED)

Owner4 Ladybugs    
Placed DateSep 4 2007
LocationBrevard, NC
Found By NC Adventurers
Last Found Apr 26 2012
Hike Distance?

location: Pisgah Forest, NC
length: .7 miles
Handcarved stamp

Turn into Pisgah National forest off highway 280. The entrance will be just past Wal-Mart to the right. Backcountry Outfitters and Hogwild BBQ will be on the left. Drive 1.4 miles and turn right into the visitor center/ranger station. At the ranger station find the large sheltered map and face it. Now turn 180 and look for a doubled mailbox with a shingled roof. Walk to it and face the mailbox. Notice the curb at your feet..follow it to the left and into the trees.Start on ANDY COVE Nature trail.If you look to the left of the path you will see a little chair (don't get stumped) where you can sit and look at the Tuliptree.After your rest continue on the trail and find the tangled roots across the trail. There is a Red Maple Tree here.Do you see the steps? This is a perfect place to take a picture of a friend or loved one. At the top of the steps take 40 little boy strides past the mossy rock to a deck of wood. Go through the laurels on a manmade trail. Notice the 2 old friends embracing on the right. One displays the initials of years gone by. Where the boardwalk ends follow the path to a small wooden bridge. Go up 6 then take 28 steps of a little princess. Golden Gate it isn't but you must cross the bridge to get closer to the treasure. With some imagination(and if you are alert) you will find a bongo drum on the left of the path or at least natures version of one. Keep on going you are closer than before.Have you seen the Rosebay Rhododendron sign yet? More mountain laurel then go around a horseshoe made of wood. Across a bubbling brook it laughs merrily as you pass by. Then 10 steps of a little man across another bridge we go. Now find the tree slide worn smooth inside. 15 seats are to the right. Almost there now 2 filghts up/2flights down you are very close now. From the bottom of the filght down take 27 normal steps.(If you get to the next bridge you have gone too far)Turn 90 degrees to the left at the end of 27. Now look for a fallen tree mossy and cut between 2 walls where Ivy flourishes.

This is our first planted letterbox. Please let us know what you think of the trail and what condition you found the box in. This area can be busy at times so please be discrete when finding/hiding the letterbox.Thanks!

NOTE: Before you set out you must read and agree to the Waiver of Responsibility and disclaimer.


4 Ladybugs

PS- we have not been able to find this box for over a year! today we found it. 1-23-10. Thanks to whoever replaced the notebook and stamp!!