School Spirit Series...Jefferson Falcons  LbNA # 35115

Ownerblue against blue    
Placed DateSep 13 2007
LocationJefferson, OH
Found By cattails.clg
Last Found Nov 9 2012
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is located in Jefferson Community Park, on East Jefferson Street. Take Route 46 to the main intersection of town (courthouse, BP) and go east on East Jefferson. The Jefferson Community park is located on the north side of the road. Park in the parking lot and head along the soccer pitch to the trail at the northwest corner of the pitch. Cross the wooden bridge and continue along the path, taking a turn to the right and back to the left. When you can see the trail straighten out...STOP! There should be a tree immediately to your left. From this tree, take 30 steps down the path. When you get to the 30th step, turn right and take 18 steps into the woods. There is a large, 4-trunked tree. The letterbox is hidden in the center of the trunks, best retrieved from the back of the tree. Please bring your own pen and stamp pad.

Good luck and happy letterboxing!

~Blue Against BLue~