Contra Costa Series #3  LbNA # 3512 (ARCHIVED)

Placed Date
CountyContra Costa
LocationMartinez, CA
Found By Lambie
Last Found Apr 29 2005
Hike Distance?

Location: Briones Regional Park
Difficulty: Easy - Made sure no rain for at least 24 hours.
Dogs: Okay on leash.

Hwy 24 east to Lafayette
Pleasant Hill Rd. east exit
PH Rd turns into Taylor Blvd at split, bear left
Left at Grayson Rd (Signal at this intersection).
Right at 'T' - Reliez Valley Rd.
2 miles to Alhambra Creek Staging area - on weekends there is a $4.00 fee plus $1.00 per dog. No fee during the week.
Take road to the end, which is the parking lot.

Go through gate. There are maps in the box on the left, but this won't help you for our letterbox. However, this a beautiful area to hike.

Follow fire road to right about 10 feet and on your left you will see a single track trail just to the left of the creek. If you cross the creek you have gone too far.

This is the only uphill area, the rest if very level.

Continue on trail, you will cross a small tributary of the creek but main creek will continue to be on your right.

Continue to open meadow - take small trail to left. There is a fenced area that was an agricultural project on the right side of the meadow.

Continue past the man made circles of branches (kind of strange) to the end of the meadow. A little creepy.

There is a larger tree on the right, this isn't the one.

Behind that tree there is a couple of trees that have low branches, letterbox in the one slightly up the hill.

There are cows grazing in this park. Wave your arms and look BIG and they will move.

Have fun and enjoy the birds and plants in this park. Also, there is poison oak in this park so beware 'leaves of three, let them be'. Thank you for letterboxing with us!