JACK-O-_________!  LbNA # 35120 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 14 2007
LocationDavenport, IA
Planted ByScoutAngel    
Found By Dancin' Darlins
Last Found Nov 10 2007
Hike Distance?

Riverview Terrace Park (formerly Lookout Park)

Traditions. They define our families for generations. The fall harvest is full of tradition. Especially carving pumpkins. We all have special memories of this fun time. The tradition of carving vegetables and illuminating them began in Scotland and Ireland, then came to the United States in 1866. Only later did pumpkin carving become associated with Halloween. This letterbox honors this timeless and fun tradition!

You begin in Riverview Terrace Park at Washington & Clay Sts. in Davenport. I chose this spot because of the terrific view of the river valley, especially during fall colors. The best way to find the park is to drive west on Locust St. from Brady St. (Hwy 61). Pass Harrison, Gaines & Marquette Sts. Turn south on Washington Street. Go 8 blocks to where it curves into Clay St. The park entrance is right on the curve. Park your car and enjoy the view!

This is a great spot for a picnic and rolling down the hill! Bring a few quarters so you can really do some looking. On the Riverview Terrace Map, you will see area landmarks. Find #11, write it here__________________. After you have enjoyed the park, drive to that spot. It's pretty much a straight shot down the hill.

When you arrive, you will notice this lovely old building was established just about the same time we started carving pumpkins! Behind it you'll see a large field with a stone spire. Walk to that and find the side which has "Mary C. Mitchell". Stand with her to your back and look straight ahead. At the edge of the woods you will see a large living tree that splits. Walk to that tree, what you seek is hidden in the root hole at the base. Please cover back over with bark and sticks so it's hidden from view!