Pymatuning Walleye 1...Fish Head  LbNA # 35127 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerblue against blue    
Placed DateSep 14 2007
LocationAndover, OH
Found By happy hikers
Last Found Aug 13 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 24 2015

This letterbox is an adoption (with permission) of the original Pymatuning Walleye letterbox hidden by Armadillo Jo on 8/24/04. It had come up missing and I offered to recarve and rehide this one for our out-of-state placer. The new stamp is identical to the original design, except I enlarged it and cut it into 3 pieces. This will give you 3 stamps during your hike. Starting at the east end of the Pymatuning Lake causeway, take a right, (heading south) for 1.5 miles, to the entrance of the State Park Cabins. Follow the road back to the cabin beach and boat launch. Park in the parking lot and across the road (SW of where you parked) is the Beaver Dam Trail. Enter the trail and head to the left. You will follow the trail past a large uprooted tree on the left. You will pass an area with alot of moss. Just after this you will come to a 'ribbed' walkway. Just after the walkway, you will see a large, dead tree stump, about 10 feet tall. It is hidden in the back right side of the base. There is no stamp pad, so please bring your own. The log book for you to sign is in the 3rd box.

Thanks for visiting beautiful Pymatuning Lake and happy letterboxing!

~Blue Against Blue~