Pushing Up Daisies #12  LbNA # 35161

Placed DateSep 15 2007
LocationVernon, OH
Found By Box Fox
Last Found Oct 6 2007
Hike Distance?

The Pushing Up Daisies series returns to an old historic cemetery related to our family. This one is in Vernon Ohio on Rte 7 just south of the intersection with Rte 88.

When I first visited this cemetery over 20 years ago looking for my great, great, great grandfather's grave, it was in pretty good shape for one so old. The next time I went, it had been vandalized and was very sad looking. This time it was better maintained and an effort had been made to repair some of the damage. Wander around and check out the names and dates. See if you can find Isaac Rice. The stone is not very readable any more. Watch your footing. There's a lot of uneven ground and holes.

Clues for box: Go to the corner. The box is under the "Beach" tree.

(Clue updated 10/8/07)