Fall 07  LbNA # 35166

OwnerLindsays Snowman    
Placed DateSep 15 2007
LocationMariemont, OH
Found By erica the elf
Last Found Nov 2 2011
Hike Distance?

Take Columbia Parkway (Hwy 50) East of the City of Cincinnati to the Village of Mariemont.

The original settlers in the region of Mariemont were part of the Fort Ancient culture (more details can be found in the clues for the SnoLab letterbox). In 1788, the Stites family settled in Columbia Landing (more details on the Stites family founding Cincinnati can be found in the clues to SnoAngel).

In 1799, the Ferris family emigrated to Ohio and settled in Columbia Township in the area of Mariemont. Joseph farmed this land and had both a mill and distillery. In 1802, his brother Eliphalet Ferris built the Ferris House that is still standing at 3915 Plainville St. and is home to the Mariemont Preservation Foundation.

In 2007, the Village of Mariement was chosen to be a National Historic Landmark as the first planned community in the US. The property that was to become Mariemont was purchased between 1913 and 1922 by Mary Emery; some of this land was that of the Ferris family. The ground breaking ceremony for the building of Mariemont was on April 23, 1923 on Plainville Road near the Ferris House.

The Ferris Family Cemetery is up the hill from the Lich Gate (on the corner of Oak Street and Wooster Pike) and next to the Mariemont Memorial Church (completed in 1927 and is notable for its stone roof which came from a church built in the 1300s in southern England).

Pass thru the Lich Gate and start up the hill toward the cemetery. There are several memorials before you get to the cemetery. At the flag on the left you will find a memorial to “Nux” followed by tree markers for George and Joseph on the right and Ernie and Penrose on the right (in some cases the trees are no longer there). A war memorial for all of the wars since WWII can be found on the right.

Enter the cemetery and look for the three tall monuments in a row. The tallest is “Erected to the memory of my Grand Parents and their children” and has E. Ferris written on the east side. Buried here are Eliphalet Ferris, his wife Catherine, his daughters Catherine and Priscilla and his sons Eliphalet and Jeduthn.

Look under the NW side of this monument for Fall 07.

Please make sure that when you rehide this letterbox that you cannot see it from a distance.