The Harry Potter Series  LbNA # 35178

Placed DateSep 16 2007
LocationOverland Park, KS
Planted ByCraw&Joey    
Found By Starleaf
Last Found Sep 10 2016
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As an avid fan of the Harry Potter books, I created this series of letter boxes to commemorate the release of the final book in July 2007. Each letterbox represents one of the 7 books… thus, there are 7 boxes in this series. Each box contains a stamp specific to an event, character, or object featured in that book. You will need to use your own Harry Potter knowledge (or Google) to fill in one small piece of Harry Potter trivia (and the Key Word Shift, aka Vigenere, Cipher) to unlock an important piece of the clue to each box.

I hope that you enjoy solving and finding these boxes as much as I enjoyed creating them!


The Philosopher’s Stone (aka The Sorcerer’s Stone): Box #1
Key Word Clue: The family name of Harry’s aunt and uncle.

The boxes are all placed at the Overland Park Arboretum at 8909 W. 179th Street. From Visitors’ Center, go clock wise (left) on the asphalt path. Zbvf jss jyk lz xfh Wfleslzifv Evylf, kmcr brqe ae. Go 17 paces and you will see a tree on the left that makes a V. Stop here and take a compass reading of 225 degrees. You will see a pile of rocks. On the backside of the pile, the box is covered with 2 stones. One of the stones has a circular hole in the middle.

The Chamber of Secrets: Box #2
Key Word Clue: The name of the house elf who tries to stop Harry from returning to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Fcougqif xyoyjoe gcxo rks Dprwcoxmrr Usylz bob bcv xgoz dpkh hp b zuwehc rjfs Urzg Dphsl. Cross this bridge and continue on the trail. You will soon see a path that goes off to the left. There will be a “You are here” sign. Take the trail to the left of the sign. Go 51 paces up the path. You will come to a railroad tie on the path and some moss covered trees and rocks to the right. Take a compass reading of 170 degrees and you will see a tree with a thumb-like protrusion about 2-3 feet up its trunk. Go to that tree and take another compass reading of approximately 120 degrees. You will see another tree about 6 paces up hill. The box is hidden in the roots of that tree.

The Prisoner of Azkaban: Box #3
Key Word Clue: The name of the wizarding village near Hogwarts School that the older students visit on weekends.

Zhgjf jrrq avk eawt zizhkjxc bumkuk ltet fvvgywe Aooj Jfkww. About 120 paces to the SW on the Bluff Loop trail, you will come to the first bench on the left of the trail. Sit on bench and take a reading of 240 degrees. You will see a pile of logs. The box is wedged inside one the hollow logs with detritus on it.

The Goblet of Fire: Box #4
Key Word Clue: The name of the school that Viktor Krum attends.

Find the children’s garden. Vck af mye okqwy gfwvr gnh nvqhxv ag zky kah hw tuk kccx ag khvy dlvm. Take a compass reading of 310 degrees. Off in the distance, you will see a stand of tall trees. Go to that stand. At the base of the middle tree, in the middle of a rotted stump, you will find the box covered with sticks and bark and such.

The Order of the Phoenix: Box #5
Key Word Clue: The first name of Harry’s godfather.

From Visitors’ Center of the Overland Park Arboretum, go clock wise (left) on the asphalt path. Qwl ecdd kfuy lg i jqaf gv kpy kalv wz lzm ginz xwi i “Xjq Wrs Bausfzs.” Take the dirt path immediately beside this sign. Go approximately 45 steps down this trail until you see a tree with four trunks directly ahead of you. The box is hidden in the middle of this tree under a variety of rocks, leaves, etc.

The Half Blood Prince: Box #6
Key Word Clue: The middle name of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (aka Tom Riddle).

Riey hss Niiy Klhohziu nzqaidbr. Take a seat on the bench on the east side of this area (in honor of Lloyd & Ina Watts). After taking a moment to enjoy this peaceful spot, take the path to your immediate right. About 60 steps up this path, you will see a tree to the right of the path with a big hole in the middle. The box is placed in the hole, hidden under the front lip.

The Deathly Hallows: Box #7
Key Word Clue: The name of Harry’s snowy owl companion.

South of the Children’s Garden the West Trail crosses a service road. There is a sign here marking the West Trail. Dmwd gubv ewkq as wdm Iomozzku’w Jwzjlr, jk zonlw kv zoi Zaaz Avdet. Once you enter the trees, look for the first bench on the trail. Continue 20 steps past the bench. Take a reading of 305 degrees. Take 13 steps on a 305 degree heading. The box is hidden in a hole on the back side of the tree.