New Deadman Letterbox  LbNA # 35191 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 16 2007
LocationManchester, TN
Planted ByTimTheTurtle    
Found By Kings treasure
Last Found Jul 30 2012
Hike Distance?

This is the New Deadman Letterbox, which replaces the original Deadman Letterbox, which keeps getting stolen. It is a new stamp, new clues, and a new location, so finders of the original are welcome to come and find the new and improved box.

Directions to the park: From I-24, take exit 110 towards Manchester (West). Travel past the "Three Friends" restaurant,and take a left at the swimplex. Find the park on the left of the letterbox's name and park at the bottom of the lot near the playground. Enter through the short hedge, then solve the three trivia questions below to find the box:

Question 1: The first mass producer of these said that customers could choose any color they wanted, as long as they chose black.

Go to a likeness of his product and look for a creek with a sidewalk along it. Go to the sidewalk.

Question 2: Which of the United States is furthest South?

If you think Texas, go downstream. If you think of another state, go upstream.

Continue along the sidewalk (quite a long ways), under an overpass. When you start to feel like you are in the book, 1984:

Question 3: Where do you take a walk before collecting $200?

Pass over a long one of these.

If you have gone correctly, you should come up to a spot on your left with a tree surrounded by lawn - a nice spot for a picnic. Under the tree is a large hole with roots. The letterbox is in this hole on the side away from the tree, covered in leaves.