Fish by the Lake  LbNA # 35240 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 17 2007
LocationRichmond, VA
Planted ByCotton Tails    
Found By Coaster Monkeys
Last Found Jul 5 2008
Hike Distance?

“Fish by the Lake” by the Cotton Tails

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We choose Echo Lake Park to place our FIRST LETTERBOX.

Echo Lake Park is owned and operated by Henrico County. It's located in the northern part of the county on Springfield Road (Rt. 157), approximately one mile west of Staples Mill Road (Rt. 33).

We placed our box AFTER finding the Letterboxes from the Candy Land Series. You may want to find those boxes along with ours.

Fish by the Lake Clues:
1. Park in the lot and look for the bridge to the right
2. Cross the Bridge and look for the gravel path that is closest to the lake to follow for your adventure.
If you want a challenge: continue on this path, but don’t read clues
#3 - #7 and see if you can find the Letterbox by finding Clue #8

3. Go past the Ostry Virginiana on your left
4. Continue on the gravel path and go past the Pinus Strobus on Right
5. Continue walking to find the Quercus Alba on your Right
6. When you get to the Tulip Popular look down the path for the four-trunk tree, you are now half-way to the Letterbox
7. Cross a bridge with handles and one without
8. When “you aren’t in Kansas anymore” you are getting close
(hint… look at the tree trunks you pass)
9. Follow to the Beaver Bitten Tree on your Right
10. At the fork look left, then go right
11. an old “level” stump will be on your right
12. Our Letterbox is behind the stump