Afrika Letterbox  LbNA # 35261 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 18 2007
CountyOther International
LocationHoor, Sweden, INT
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TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE Will be replaced by May 2011

Afrika is an area in the forest outside of Höör, Sweden. Coming from Höör, you drive south on Highway 13 for about 2 km, until you see a yellow sign that points right to Fädriften and a small street sign on the left that says "Fädriftsvägen". Turn left onto Fädriftsvägen. Follow this road up the hill until you come to a small group of houses (about 5 or 6). Past the last house, you will find an open parking space big enough for 2 cars. Park here. From the parking space head straight into the forest in front of the cars, in a SE diretion.

If you can, follow the path to the bomb plane crash site. This path can be very tricky, so make sure you can always see the stone fence on your right hand side. As long as that's always in view, you're heading the right direction.
After about 1 km, you'll reacha creek. Using the stones in the creek, jump across. You're a little over half-way there now. Keep following the path, if you can, as well as following the stone wall to your right.

The bomb plane crash site looks like a pond with one very steep side. It's not a pond. It was created by a Lancaster Bomber that crashed here near the end of WWII. You can perhaps make out the shape of the plane from the water-filled crater there.

Staying on the side of the crater that you approached from (the north side of the crater), turn and take 5 steps in a NW direction (back toward where you came from). There you will find a birch tree about 25 feet tall. It has a double tunk, both of which are pretty slim. There is a hole in the bottom of the tree. The letterbox is hidden inside the hole, with some sticks placed in front. Please remember to replace the sticks when you're done.

As an added help, there is a hunting tower near the plane crater. If you stand at the hunting tower, take 23 steps in a NE direction.