Where the Boys Swam  LbNA # 35289

Placed DateSep 19 2007
LocationDover, NJ
Found By Heather-Lou-Bob
Last Found Oct 12 2013
Hike Distance?

This box is located in Hedden Park, Dover. To get there from Rte. 10, take Center Grove Ave. north, then left onto Quaker Church Road. Turn right onto Reservoir Ave, and look for signs for Hedden Park entrance (please note that the first sign is for the Hedden Park maintainence facility on the right...not here!) Turn left onto Hawthorne St., which is also the park entrance. Go all the way to the bottom of the hill and park by the lake.

Start at the kiosk. There are no maps available there, but you can check out the display copy to get your bearings. (Or you can download a map at the park web site.) However, you will do just fine without a map.

Start down the path from the kiosk, keeping to the right. Go over the bridge, and past the playground. Bear right on the path toward a 2nd bridge. The green trail begins on the left just before the bridge. Get on the green trail.

Enjoy the lovely stream. My boys spent a good bit of time wading here this summer, and we've enjoyed a few picnics on the other side of the stream. You might do our community a service by taking along a trash bag: there's always a bit of trash about.

Eventually, the green trail will turn to the left. Come to a bench, where the green trail criss-crosses with the white trail. The green trail continues uphill to the left, but stay to the right. This is the white trail, but at this point it is very poorly marked. The path is wide and flat, however, and continues to follow the stream.

Go about 50 yards or so, and you'll notice a lovely flat area over toward the stream on your right. Looks like a nice place for a campsite! There's a well worn path in that direction. Go check it out.

You'll find that the flat aread is actually a concrete pad, for what was at one time a swimming pool. There's some other remnants, including what looks like the remains of an old diving board. Think of where the boys (and girls) swam in days gone by.

Find "Liz + Anna." Turn 160 degrees. 20 steps. Enjoy!