Harry Potter Series Box #1--Hermione  LbNA # 35293

OwnerHyperion Hikers    
Placed DateSep 19 2007
LocationOxford, OH
Found By speedsquare
Last Found Apr 6 2015
Hike Distance?

Where is Harry Potter? Hermione, one of Harry Potter's best friend's, might know. I've heard that she's hanging out in her favorite place in Oxford "checking out" the book, "The Magic of MC Escher." You will find her directly below the book she is seeking, underneath the 2nd to bottom shelf.

Due to the size of this magnetic box, bring your own stamp pad (you can stamp into the box with the paper I've rolled up and placed inside). Be very descret, since this is a public place --don't let the librarians (or other non-letterboxing "muggles") see you, and rehide same as found! Hours they are open varies, (9-5pm weekends, 9-9pm weekdays)

Check out the other three boxes at Hueston Woods to find your way to Harry Potter.