Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Seagull Pier- Southbound  LbNA # 35299

OwnerWed. Bowler, C. Cat    
Placed DateSep 16 2007
CountyVirginia Beach city
LocationVirginia Beach, VA
Found By Otis' Friends
Last Found Dec 27 2008
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 27 2015

$12.00 fee per car load to enter this area.

From the entrance of the building walk 150 paces south until you reach a Do Not Cross sign (always be extremely cautious of passing traffic and cars in reverse!). Fifth support rail beyond this point. Look under and behind, between metal and wood.

Magnetic microbox. Does not contain a logbook. We felt we would not be able to maintain a logbook, considering the small size of the box and the fact we are only in the area once per year. Because there is no logbook please be certain to log your find, and add any comments you may have, at and/or Otherwise, we will have no idea who has visited our box.

Please replace the box back in it's hiding spot completely hidden from view.

Bring your own ink.