Just What The Doctor Ordered  LbNA # 35351

Placed DateSep 22 2007
LocationKingdom City, MO
Found By LadyEilonwy
Last Found Jan 6 2012
Hike Distance?

Clues: In the small town of Kingdom City, you will find a "city within the city." Although a bit nostalgic, G. C. Dunwoody agrees that this is a great place to shop. It has even been rumored that Elvis has been sighted here (checking in to the Heartbreak Hotel.)

Enter the establishment and re-live the past. The array of collections is mighty vast. Nothing runs like a Deere, but what the Dr. ordered is not here. You may have a Coke and a smile, but you would be in the wrong aisle.
Instead, look West of Route 66 where you'll find the intersection of Garfield Avenue and John Deere Road. Nowhere near Betty I am told.
Two wooden shelves you should find, one for peanuts and one of the Doctors kind. Four shelves up a cookie jar calls. Just be careful that nothing falls.

(This box looks best with Red and another very light color.) There are restrooms available that make stamping in with privacy very easy.