Troop 540 Box #2  LbNA # 35395 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 23 2007
LocationGlastonbury, CT
Planted ByT540    
Found By enjoinder
Last Found Mar 10 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 23 2015

BSA Troop 540 Letterbox #2

October 28, 2006


At the entrance of JB Williams Park, follow the main trail for about 100 feet and take the branch right towards the “Pavillion” and “Lower Pond”.

Once on the Pavillion trail you will come to a small bridge. After the bridge the trail bears left.

After the trail turns left you will see a sign to the Pavillion and Playground. DO NOT GO TOWARDS THE PAVILLION. Continue forward on the path towards the lower pond.

As you arrive at the pond you will see a large power pole, just at the edge of the water.

From the large power pole follow the edge of the pond due South.

At about 75 feet you will come to a small bridge, cross it. At the end of the bridge bear hard right and go up the ‘log staircase’ on the bank.

At the top of the stairs go about 20 feet and take a left, bearing ESE, into the woods on the ‘red blaze’ trail. The red blazes are few, old and far between. They are also hard to see, but the ‘trail’ is easy to follow.

Follow the path for 110 normal hiking steps. (4 people from teenage and adult ages all counted the same number of steps following these clues!) and you will come to an old, small wooden ‘bridge’. Several cub scouts’ names are on a plaque on this bridge, and these cubs later became scouts in Troop 540.

From the start of the bridge back up 3 paces on the path and you will see on the left (looking towards the bridge) an old fallen tree on the north side of the path lying in the E-W direction.

At the end of the fallen tree, closest to the bridge, you will find the prize under a rock.

Good Luck.

Great Bear