Rocky Mountain High: Music Box #12, John Denver  LbNA # 35432

Placed DateSep 19 2007
LocationEstes Park, CO
Found By (hidden)
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Rocky Mt. High: Music Box #12, John Denver
Estes Park, Colorado
Placed by Viewfinder 9/19/07
NOTE: this letterbox is NOT located in an NPS area, but in a private campground area near the town of Estes Park.

What can be more beautiful than the Rocky Mountains in the fall, with golden shimmering aspens, herds of elk, and traces of snow on rocky peaks above it all! Inspired by this magical scenery, here’s my letterbox homage to Colorado, Rocky Mountain High: Music Box #12, John Denver. To find this letterbox, go to Estes Park, the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Clues: On Mary’s Lake Rd, north of the lake near the intersection of Mary’s Lake Rd. and Peakview, watch for the sign for Mary’s Lake Campground. Beyond this sign, about .3 mile, you’ll see large rock outcroppings on both sides of the road. Watch for a pulloff on the lake side. Park there, facing the large rock outcropping straight ahead with a pine tree growing out of the rocks on the lake side. (A 20 mph curve warning sign on the roadside is next to this rock outcropping, just before the road curves to cross the dam.) At the base of the pine tree on the lake side, covered with small rocks among the roots, is the letterbox. Please be very sure that the larger rocks remain beneath and below the letterbox to prevent the letterbox from being washed away, and please recover well! Enjoy.