Harry Potter Series: Search for Harry  LbNA # 35433

OwnerHyperion Hikers    
Placed DateSep 24 2007
LocationOxford, OH
Found By NanaMumZie
Last Found Oct 17 2010
Hike Distance?

Clue Difficulty: Easy
Terrain Difficulty: Easy (mostly)
Wheelchair Accessible: No
Child Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Number of Boxes: 3
Hand Carved Stamps: No
First Finder Artifact: For Box #3
Stamp Pad/Ink: Yes

I think these boxes may be in need of some first aid. We have moved from the area, so let me know if you find them (box 4 may be missing)

****LAST UPDATED: MAY 10, 2008***
Box #3 went missing, so I changed it:) I changed the clue accordingly

Hermione, at the library (box #1 see different clue), says that Harry went to visit Hagrid at the Forbidden Forest.

Box #2: Drive to the beach at Hueston Woods, and park in the farthest parking lot by the chained path that keeps cars from driving down the path (past the beach). This is the start of the West Shore Trail and entrance to the Nature Preserve.

Take the trail until you come to a sign "Welcome to the Nature preserve and Start of West Shore Trail" (or something close to that). At the sign, walk to the left and cross the wooden bridge (not the stone one). At the end of the bridge, take the path that is 50-60 degree's SE. This is a faint path between two others. Hagrid resides beneath the first tree you come to that touches the path, beneath some stones and sticks.

PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS OF MUGGLES... This area is the start of several big trails, so it can be busy on weekends or evenings. Also, please rehide Hagrid well...there are many dangers for a letterbox in the "Forbidden Forest":)

Box #3: Hagrid says that Harry has already left, heading deeper into the forest. Go back to the wooden bridge (but do not cross). Turn South again and head down the bigger path (with trampled gravel), up the "stairs." Watch out for Nagini, Voldemort's snake, at the top of the hill in a tree. Sneak past the "snake" 8 steps, and you will see a log that looks like a snake going to the right. Follow the log, and box #3 is at the end under a rock. (box may have been re-hid on the left side instead)

Box #4: You have spotted "He who must not be named"! Good thing he didn't see you! You have to find Harry Potter --the only person who can defeat Vol-----. Maybe Harry headed to the place that reminded him of his mother, Lily's, patronus. You will have to go back to your car and drive to this place in Hueston Woods.

Once you get to this location (hint: Bring some corn or nuts to share with the inhabitants), Take the path on the right side, around to the side of the enclosure. Follow it until you see a tree with 5 trunks (toward the back). The log at it's feet has a sharp broken peice that points up. Behind this, underneath the log and some rocks, is Harry Potter.

Congratulations! I have enclosed a small first finders card in Harry's box. Please let me know how the hunt was (we're new to all this)

*****NOTE TO Parents: I hid all three of these boxes with my 2 year old in tow, so it should make a good search with your kids --- just be careful of the steep steps at the beginning of the Aragog box (it's really not far, but that short part is steep). I actually was able to push the stroller back to box 2 and 4, and then left it at the bottom of the stairs and walked with my 2 year old to get box 3. If you pack a lunch, there are some great picnic table spots near Harry's box. Happy Hunting