Leaf Me Alone  LbNA # 35436 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 21 2007
LocationMontezuma, OH
Planted ByMah Jongg Queen    
Found By carincaya
Last Found Jan 10 2012
Hike Distance?

From State Rte. 127, turn east on Rte. 219 and go approximately one mile into Montezuma. At the east side of Montezuma 219 turns left; follow 219 approximately 1/2 mile until it makes a right turn. Do not follow 219 to the right. Instead, continue driving straight...you are now on Windy Point Drive, and you will take this road until it ends. Park in the last parking lot. This will be the lot that gives access to the long stone jetty that extends hundreds of feet out in Grand Lake-St. Marys. Starting at the small State Park Property sign walk towards the jetty. From the large boulder that is centered at the beginning of the jetty walk approximately 78 paces to the tall tree on the left. Look under the 10" rock at the right side base of the tree. Leaf me alone!