Web Hill Troop 467  LbNA # 35443

Placed DateJun 30 2007
LocationWest Hartford, CT
Planted ByRumford Rovers    
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found Jul 29 2011
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Webster Hill Letterbox
Placed by Girl Scout Troop 467
I am one of the original American Idols
For freedom I fought against our royal rivals.

In New Haven I marched with our first President, where my flute came in handy.
My thoughts on equal rights for girls also makes me a Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Next to my works’ namesakes I still stand tall,
What was a quaint New England farm-town center is now a hustling,bustling outdoor mall.

Teacher, lawyer, author, lexicographer, among my occupations,
Common language for all Americans was my real vocation.

Ben Franklin used one of my books to teach,
Far and wide my grammatical influence would reach.

Language is my middle name,
I give Webster Hill its fame.

My little red homestead sits on Main,
Our town’s only National Historical Landmark, I do claim.

A beautiful garden sits inside the gate,
Here you can find a type of first blackboard—a slate.

Walk around this space and find,
Flowers and herbs of most every kind.

Go to the fence toward the south and the east,
Look for a vine used to make beer (when you add it to yeast.)

Stand in that corner and look to one west,
This is the site of a Letterbox at rest.

In my honor a Girl Scout troop from Web Hill has planted
A stamp and a journal under five corners slanted.

NOTES: Enjoy this destination! Be sure to look for a 2nd Letterbox (placed by someone else) on the same premises.