Lily Bay State Park  LbNA # 35450

OwnerC & H    
Placed DateSep 2 2007
LocationGreenville, ME
Found By(hidden)

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 1/2 hour roundtrip

Rocky stamp is indeed missing although box and book are in tact. "Temporary" stamp has been added as of 8/31/13.
Box will remain in park for the winter although park will close, my guess, is after Columbus Day weekend.

Lily Bay State Park in Beaver Cove is located 9 miles north of Greenville, Maine. This is a beautiful and scenic 924 acre state park with campgrounds, boat launches, hiking trails, and a picnic and swimming area. The park is open year round. However, there is an entrance fee of $ 4.50 per person ( $ 3.- for residents of Maine) if you visit between May 15th - October 15th.

Find the blinking light in Greenville, Maine. Travel north 8.6 miles on Lily Bay Road. Turn left at the park entrance sign and follow the paved road for 1.5 miles. Follow signs for Dunn Point and park in the picnic and swimming area. If possible park in the farthest spot on your left facing the water.


Rocky's Maine LB:
Facing the water notice a large boulder (plaque) among the trees. This plaque was erected here 7/26/56 by the Maine Forestry District.

From your car, facing the water notice the hiking trail sign on your right. Take the trail. 25 paces (1 pace = 1 foot) past the outhouse on the left side of the trail sits a large tree trunk. Rocky hides inside covered by bark, leaves, and pine needles. Please rehide carefully.

Just visited the park (5/26/13) and there are 2 big down trees crossing the path. Just need to walk over them.

Since we cannot check on this box very often (live in CT)
we would greatly appreciate any e-mails concerning its status.