Ownerblue against blue    
Placed DateSep 24 2007
LocationAndover, OH
Found By Wee Walkers
Last Found Nov 22 2009
Hike Distance?

To all the boys Iíve loved before:
Ragus (Sugar spelled backwards)

Ragus was the quintessential rag-a-muffin! He was a scruffy, goofy looking dog. He loved sleeping on his back, wearing a truly awful-looking red crocheted doggie coat and popping bubbles. I donít remember much of his life with us because we sent him to a farm when I was young, maybe 2 years after we got him. We lived right on Route 85 (near Andover Square) and my parents were afraid of his getting loose and being hit by a car. The irony was that he was free range on the farm (and loving the freedom he didnít have while being confined to a small yard in town) and was hit by a car a few months later. My parents dealt with months of a teary-eyed little 4th grade girl saying ĎI told you so!í Now, looking back nearly 30 years (argh) I understand that it WAS the right thing do do!

Directions to the letterbox:

From Andover Square, take Route 85 East (the second building on the right was Ragusí home) and continue to Cleveland Avenue (just after Dairy Queen). Turn right on Cleveland and when it intersects Orchard Street, turn right into Maple Grove cemetery. Take the first road to the right and stop just shy of the curve. Ahead and to the right you will see a massive, dead tree. The Ragus letterbox is hidden under bark at the base of the tree.

Please bring your own stamp pad and pen.