sssssss!  LbNA # 35474 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 20 2007
LocationYuma, AZ
Planted Bymilk money    
Found By Lost Loro
Last Found Jun 18 2008
Hike Distance?

****************THIS BOX IS RETIRED*************

The Imperial Dam was built in 1930. It diverted the Colorado River into 3 canals and held until it could be diverted to a desilting plant (also called settling ponds) before being released into three different canals for the country below. This site is awesome to view, with trails to walk and a nice picnic park. Along the way to the dam you will pass the "Yuma Proving Grounds" which are the winter training grounds for the Golden Knights sky diving teams. You can view these fantastic stunts (free) by entering the base thru the main entrance where you will be stopped and asked for a drivers license and car registration. Passengers will be also be asked for drivers license. There are viewing stands or you can bring your own lounge chair, lean back and enjoy the show. The jumpers often come and talk with the viewers and answer all your questions. You might bring a picnic lunch or eat in the great cafe on the base. Be sure to check the dates and time of the traing sessions before you go.

NOTICE...BOX WAS FOUND BROKEN AND FILLED WITH WATER, BOOK BEYOND REPAIR, BUT STAMP OKAY. THIS BOX WILL BE RE-HIDDEN SOON IN A DIFFERENT SPOT..Watch here for replacement news. Sorry for any inconvience. This notice placed 2/6/2009

On to find sssssss!

From HWY 8 in Yuma, AZ. Take the "Fortuna road" exit, turn right (north) on Fortuna , then about a mile to HWY 95, turn right and head north for about 20 miles. Turn left at the 2 large cannons just past the Imperial Dam/ Yuma Proving Grounds sign and travel west 7.3 miles to the Senater Wash road.

From Quartzite, CA. & HWY 10, exit to HWY 95 south and travel 57 miles to the same Imperial Dam/ Yuma Proving Grounds road.

Okay. Here's the tricky part. Travel along the Senator Wash road to the McKinnley road. The dam is 1.2 miles ahead. As you approach the dam, you will see a white pipe blockade across the road, barring entrance to the parking area. Apparently this is for our national security. You can pull off the left side of the road as there is ample room. To the left of this barricade is another similar one blocking an unused maintence area. A small path goes around the left side, so cross the rail track, scoot around this barrier and staying close to the bushy trees on the left, count off 41 steps. Shhhhh. Little sssssss! is quietly sleeping near an old, gnarly, dried out log and covered with 3 rocks. Please use caution as there may be spiders, snakes, or scorpions hiding close. Be discreet and hide little sssssss! carefully back in his nest making sure to replace the 3 rocks.

Now off to enjoy the view. Don't forget to keep an eye on the little kids.........

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