Halloween Series-2007  LbNA # 35500 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 23 2007
LocationPalermo, ME
Found By angel treads
Last Found Jun 6 2009
Hike Distance?

Halloween Series- 2007
By: Nizzie

**Single Trail, Approximately 1.25 Miles, Protruding rocks and roots—a few steep inclines and in Spring may be extremely wet*--(ink pad needed and one logbook at the end )

Palermo Preserve-- Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association--- http://www.sheepscot.org

This is my first plant—Fall being my favorite time of year, I though a fun Halloween series would be a great start... I hope you enjoy this find as much I as enjoyed setting them up!

From Wiscasset, take Route 218 North to Route 17. Cross Route 17 and take Coopers Mills or Somerville Road (it will turn into a gravel road). Follow for 5 miles and cross Route 105. Continue straight on the Turner Road for 2 miles. Soon after crossing the Palermo/Somerville town line, you’ll see the preserve on your right.
From Route 3 in Palermo, take the Turner Road going south. Travel approximately 2 miles. look for Gore Road (and sign to the Palermo Fish Rearing Station) on the left and continue straight for .5 miles to the kiosk

(((You will see a very simple sign with letters SVCA))))) Area on your left. PARKING LOT IS NOT PLOWED IN THE WINTER.

Starting out:
The Trail Head is to the left of Kiosk—the loop the series is on is the white blaze trail.

Going Batty: (# 1)
Follow the white blaze trail- come to a trail intersection you’ll see a tree with 2 signs you want to stay straight, … go down to 1st set of steps— at this point youby past 2 white blazes just as you come to a 3rd white blaze- cluster of 3 trees on left and a big pine tree on right (second set of steps, you’ve gone to far)– face toward pine tree- spy cluster of 6 trees is where Batty is hiding.

Go back to trail head down over steps at bottom to the left you’ll see Foot Bridge – that’s the white blaze trail--- however…

*** Trail to right- great place for pictures and to eat you lunch—enjoy—unbelievably gorgeous*** (if I was artistic I would paint this!)

Back to main white blaze trail—

Cat Scratch Fever: (#2)
Stay straight on white blaze trail, look for a red blaze to the left (at time of planting a dead tree still standing with bark ½ gone right before blazed tree) --take that left trail to the second tree with red blaze- stop take a look forward- spot a big mound of moss- LOOK IT”S A ROCK with a tree growing on top of it!! COOL- spy the decaying stump also on top of the rock— look for letterbox 2 in that spot—(re-hide as you found it).

Back to main white blaze trail— continue on--

Howling Good Time: (#3) (Missing as of 09/19/2010-- soon to be replaced)

Go past marker 2, Follow trial till you see a pile of rocks- you will see a blue blaze on the left and a of course a white blaze going straight- stay on white blaze trail. You will come to various wooden markers telling you about different species of plants, keep going—Wow check it out a steep incline—rope to help you on you way.
At the top of the hill you’ll see two big boulders- blue on left- white on right—spy the boulder on you left- check the back of the tree cluster.

Back to main white blaze trail---

Wanna Play Squash? (#4)
Follow the trail till you come across a tree with two signs- both arrows- go to the left- up over hill then down-- when you get to a Y in trail keep to the white blaze bear right/straight – (don’t take the signed trail Spur trail hard right)
Spy two wood markers—Smile Big!!! Show that Tooth!!- Under the stone you’ll find what you seek. (Make sure to put back as you found).

Back to main white blaze trail---

The Witching Hour: (#5- final letterbox - with logbook)
As you come out of trail-take right back to parking area. Look to the left- see the cluster of three big trees- seek the log book there!!—please let me know what you thought of series—were all the clues ok? And were the stamps there as well? Any and all feed back welcome, tcnisbet@yahoo.com